Employee Appreciation Days

2023-2024 Employee Appreciation Dates
Bus Driver Day- September 14, 2023
Bus Drivers
Custodian Day- October 12, 2023
JordanBryant and Mr. Hardy Josh M. and Mr. Hardy
Superintendent Day- November 16, 2023
Mr. Hardy and Mrs. Amanda
Food Service Day- January 11, 2024
Principal Day- February 8, 2024
Special Area Teachers Day- March 7, 2024
Support Staff Day- April 4, 2024
Teacher Day- May 2, 2024
2022-2023 School Year                  Mrs. Brown and Ms. TeresaBus Driver's Appreciation
Custodians/Technology/Maintenance- October 13, 2022
Thank you for all you do for our schools!
Superintendent Day- November 17, 2022
JCBOE participated with all the schools to honor Mrs. Kristy Brown on Superintendent's Day.
We all collected food items for families that might need extra help for the Holidays. Thank you Mrs. Brown for all you do for the children in Jackson County.
Mrs. Brown
Food Service Day- January 12, 2023
Hailey     Connie and Linda
Principal Day- February 9, 2023
Special Area Teachers Day- March 2, 2023
Special Area
Support Staff Day- April 6, 2023
Support Staff
Teacher Day- May 4, 2023
Teacher Appreciation